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No resolutions ... Just a new view

Dear Friends,

Years come and years go. Every year, we leave behind us moments of happiness and sorrow, smiles and tears. These moments teach us and lead us to opportunities. I hope you take the good and beautiful as well as the bad and not-so-pretty from 2018 and let it shape you in 2019.

The New Year's holiday marks the time to "reinvent" ourselves and to commit to resolutions for making our lives better. Many of these resolutions are impossible to stick to (I can't tell you how many times I resolved to going to the gym .... only to feel badly about myself when I didn't). It is difficult to reinvent ourselves; though we can enhance who we are by truly learning from the things we have done in the past year - the good and bad.

My commitment for every New Year is always the same. Perhaps these commitments will be meaningful to you, and can incorporate them into your life.

1. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. This includes not judging yourself too harshly or judging others. We tend to judge people based upon our own insecurities. Take a step back and realize who you are really judging and then be kind. You may not like everyone's opinion, or the way they dress, or one thousand other 'details' that get on your nerves. Just respect people who mean well and who try to do good. Leave the judgment to God.

2. Welcome the new year as an opportunity to go on adventures. Adventures take the form of traveling, new jobs, new perceptive and new relationships. The universe brings you opportunities ... grab them and go and grow!

3. Be realistically positive and optimistic.

4. Find peace within yourself. Learn to relax and meditate. Feel the peace that your breath can bring to you. Breathing is a gift in more ways than one.

5. Open yourself up to connecting to those you love on the other side. They are always around you. Feel them, hear them and know that they are always with you.

6. Awaken to God or whatever you call the supreme Power in the Universe. Let your ego go and surrender to this Power. It will lead you and guide you to your true self and happiness. And, let the angels in ... they want in to help you on your journey.

7. Take a (some) class(es). Any class that makes you smile or helps you move forward in your quest to better yourself.

8. Read books. Escaping into fantasy can be relaxing and helps us to refocus.

9. Surround yourself with people who lift you up as you do the same for them.

10. Don't dwell on your shortcomings. Focus on how truly great you are. You are GREAT! God made you that way !

11. Be respectful of the earth. The earth is the physical expression of God's beauty and magnificence.

12. Do something that will make an impact on someone's life ... no matter how big or small.

13. Dream and use your imagination to manifest your future. See and feel what you desire. Remember, if you can see it, it can be.

14. Always start your day and end your day in gratitude.

Don't turn these into resolutions. But rather, try to make them a part of your life and every year you will be closer to what you require on your life's journey. You will be filled with love, peace and hope. Your vibration will be raised to heaven.

I hope you walk through the doors that are opened for you this year, go on many adventures and feel great love. I wish you happiness in 2019!

Happy New Year,


Upcoming events (please check, as we update often)

1/9/2019: Dr. Oz TV show - air date tba

2/21/2019 - 2/25: I will be speaking a at the Conscious Living Expo in LA

3/6/2019: I will be speaking and doing a group reading at Mir-a-Lago, Florida

9/19/2019 - 9/22/2019: La Bella Vita,Women's Retreat in Todi, Italy

(please go to for full details - space is limited)

In the works:

4/11/19 - Large Group Reading at the Greenwich Bow Tie Cinema

Large Group Readings here, there and everywhere !!!!

Zoom classes so that everyone can attend over the internet

I plan my next book to come out in 2019 or 2020 ​​


 Please "like" my page Anna L. Raimondi on Facebook.  It is important that I have a social media presence for all the things I would like to do in 2016.  Appointments can be booked from that page by clicking the scheduling button on the left side of the page.  I am counting on you!!!

As a reminder, I have a cancellation page on Facebook called "Anna Raimondi - Cancellations."  Please sign up for that page if you would like an appointment sooner than your scheduled reading.  

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Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
Feb 15, 2019

I'm so depressed .Do you come Canada way, specifically, Halifax?

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