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With Mary

Messages of Love, Healing, Hope, and Unity for Everyone

Prominent spiritual counselor and medium Anna Raimondi channels the Virgin Mary in this insightful, prescriptive, and timely dialogue that not only acts as a guide to modern spirituality but celebrates the Mother Mary as a central figure for all people and religions across the globe. For those who loved Conversations with God and Ask and It Is Given, Conversations with Mary is a prescriptive guide that unveils a modern Mary, one who encourages meditation and enlightenment, and whose teachings apply to us globally.

Anna Raimondi was five-years-old when she first channeled and received messages from Mary. She was in her backyard on Long Island, sitting in a small grotto where a statue of the Virgin Mary once stood.  Immersed in “a feeling of pure and unadulterated peace,” she heard a gentle yet strong voice say, “Anna, I’m here for you always. Always come to me.” That was her first of many conversations with Mary.

Today, Anna is an internationally renowned medium and spiritual counselor with a large following. Mary’s conversations with her are simultaneously illuminating, inspiring, and provocative, and offer lessons in modern prayer while guiding readers back to the simple messages God gave us of love and peace.

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