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Are you grieving?

Dear Friends, Death is perceived in many ways in Western cultures. Some of these views of death can sometimes expand and enrich our own views. Many indigenous people believe that when someone passes away that they don't die, but instead, they "walk on." By walking on, they continue their journey, they turn a new page in their book. The rituals and ceremonies of the indigenous people are to help the grieving process and also to encourage the spirit into the afterlife. The Lakotas, in particular, are not afraid of  death but rather embrace it. They believe, as other tribes do, in a spirit world in the sky in which the deceased are free of pain and suffering.

The Lakota Tribe conduct the Nagi Gluhapi (Keeping of the Soul) which purifies the soul of the deceased and helps them cross over. It is also a ceremony of healing for relatives, friends and community members. By participating in this rite, people increase their love and support for one another. The love that is spread also encompasses the love of the one who has passed on.  Jack Kornfield, the Buddhist practitioner, has stated that Lakota grief is something to be valued. It brings a person closer to God. For when a person has suffered great loss and is grieving, they are considered 'the most holy.' Their prayers are believed to be especially powerful and others may ask the grievers to pray on their behalf. There is a belief that through their grief and connection to the one who has passed, they are closer to place of the afterlife. In other words, they are graced and the veil between here and the afterlife becomes very thin. Maybe this way of looking at death will help you with your grief today or someday in the future.  Maybe it will enhance how you see death and your connection to your loved ones on the other side. Or maybe it will help you share your love with those who are grieving in order to help them heal. Blessings of peace, Anna Upcoming events  (please check, as we update often)

1/9/2019: I will be filming a segment on the Dr. Oz TV show.  Air date TBA.

2/21/2019 - 2/25/19: I will be speaking at the Conscious Living Expo in LA, CA.

3/2019: I will be working in Florida.  If you are in Florida and would like a group reading, please contact me at

4/11/19 - Large Group Reading at the Greenwich Bow Tie Cinema. Ticket sales TBA.

9/19/2019 - 9/22/2019: La Bella Vita,Women's Retreat in Todi, Italy.

Please go to for full  details. Space is limited.


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