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Pray during this time of fear

Dear Friends,

My prayer is that you are all doing what you can to stay healthy.

Please view the video below for my message.

With many prayers for a healthy and better tomorrow.



Source of healing,

Cast the light of health and well-being

On those who've been exposed to coronavirus,

Those who have contracted the disease,

And those - God forbid - who contract the disease in the future.

Bless them, protect them and bring them speedily to full recovery.

Bless all who are ill

With healing of body,

Healing of soul

And healing of spirit.

.ברוך אתה ה', מקור חיים

Baruch atah Adonai, m'kor chayim.

Blessed are You Adonai, Source of life.


 Please "like" my page Anna L. Raimondi on Facebook.  It is important that I have a social media presence for all the things I would like to do in 2016.  Appointments can be booked from that page by clicking the scheduling button on the left side of the page.  I am counting on you!!!

As a reminder, I have a cancellation page on Facebook called "Anna Raimondi - Cancellations."  Please sign up for that page if you would like an appointment sooner than your scheduled reading.  

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