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Do you feel lonely or disconnected?

Dear Friends,

As a born medium, I have been a conduit for connecting people to the other side for many years. It's never been about me, it's not even about the souls on the other side. It's about you seeking connection and validation that there is a bond beyond time and space. The souls that come through want to provide guidance, love and healing; to settle 'old scores' and create peace for you. They provide a conversation and deep connection on a soul and emotional level, which in turn makes you healthier in mind, body and spirit. They prove over and over that you are always connected to the people who have been part of the fabric of your life. They talk about their connection to you ... be it good, bad or indifferent. They communicate to help you learn from them. It's about their deep, never-ending relationship with you. That's the eternal nature of love.

Many of these souls didn't create this bond with you once they cross over ... they created it here, in the physical realm. They speak of the importance of love, communication and time spent with each other over and over. And yet, we live in world of "disconnection." In the past, families ate meals together, played board games, spend time in the car together to go to outings or vacations. They engaged each other. Friends shared their dreams in person where their feelings were validated.

In our world today, the internet and texting have become the foremost way of connecting. You may think that the internet closes the gap; in reality, what it does is take away personal interaction where you can feel another's love and energy. It robs us of being able to physically touch another person, smile with them or wipe their tears. People cannot have their own emotions validated through the airways. It is not the same as a one to one, in the flesh, personal interaction where not only words convey meaning but our energy fields do as well. Also, as you text or type, you are distracted by whatever else is going on in the place you are, or disturbed by other texts or emails on your device. Social interaction and true connection to others requires presence, awareness and engagement. You are not present enough with others to recognize their loneliness and the spark of divinity inside of them if you are not with them physically and giving them your attention. This needs to be a priority. Technology has made us withdrawn and lonely. As a species it is important to recognize the need to return to who we really are; social creatures who at one time lived in communities to love, help and communicate with others face to face.

Recently I was out with my husband for dinner. In the middle of the meal, he began to answer his emails. I pointed out to him that he wasn't present with me. It was hurtful that he was with me physically but choose to disengage and read emails with other people. I told him how I was feeling. He heard me, put down his phone and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together. While driving home, I picked up my phone and began making telephone calls. He then very politely pointed out that I disengaged him. A wave of guilt washed over me. I was doing exactly what he had done a few hours prior. I was disconnecting. I stopped and began to speak to him all the way home.

Over and over in my communication with those in spirit, they apologize to their loved one for not being present; for not engaging enough; for not feeling. They speak about how their work was more important to them as well as accumulating money and things, and their own self-absorption. They speak frequently of life being too short. They advise to live a life of substance where you give and receive ... but for this, you must be present and aware, and value the people in your life. Sure, there is the need to work and earn money, but it will leave you empty if you are not bonded to other people. Ultimately, it leads to regret whether on the earth or on the other side. Enjoyment, giving and gaining pleasure with and from other people is one the greatest joys in life and talked about over and over from those on the other side.

This "disconnect" creates loneliness that cannot be denied out of feeling shame, numbing yourself and self-isolation. These feelings are not safe havens, but places where despair grows. Through this disconnection you may try to protect yourself by being more defensive, and in this state, your brain begins to tell tales that are often false or/and exaggerate your worst fears and insecurities. To combat this, you can meditate for hours, take long walks in nature, practice yoga, read spiritual books, listen to music that moves your soul. You can raise your frequency. If you continue to isolate yourself in thought and deed rather than to learn about connecting yourself with others, your frequency will not go high enough to bring you joy.

It is necessary to understand that you share an energy field here on Earth with all that is living. God, who is a vibration of pure Love, created us to love and heal each other. It is important to recognize that you are the living embodiment of the energy of the Divine and all that it wants for itself ... and wants for you. You are hardwired to love and by connecting with other people you will feel the core of divinity through the intertwining of your hearts and souls. This brings great happiness and fulfillment. God created us to be social beings. Through socializing and connecting with each other, you can identify this love within yourself and the joy of sharing your heart with others.

In God's infinite wisdom you were created with intelligence and a high capacity to love. You were created to connect with God and with others. You are not defined by your profession, your physical appearance or how much you have in your bank account. Those are fleeting attachments. Your energy and your core are what goes on forever. Ask anyone on the other side! You are an extension of the greatest Love and will only reach true happiness when you give and receive love. Love does not exist in a vacuum. Love seeks others to share with, be with and love back. The only way to accomplish is to connect with others.

If you are connected to yourself, social connection becomes easier. However, if you are disconnected from who you are and your own feeling and your own bond to God there is an emptiness deep within your being. You cannot abandon you!When you take responsibility for your own well-being and you are open to learning who you are and how to love yourself, you open the door to connecting with an infinite source of love and to others in a healthy way. You need to take responsibility for communicating with yourself as well as with God.

So, what can you do? First, start communicating with God and feel the spark of divinity inside yourself. "Talk to the Sky," as the song goes, and feel a connection that is filled with compassion and peace. Feel your vibration rising as you feel pulled to be with other people. Surrender your feelings of loneliness and open your heart to the Creator. Listen to your higher self and the voice of heaven directing you and leading you in the right direction. Doors may open, different people may enter your life, you may feel compelled to reach out to someone or welcome someone in who is reaching out to you. Allow God to provide an arena of safety when you are listening and being aware when with others. Connect with people by seeing them, listening and feeling them as you tap into their energy fields (everyone is an empath at some level). Reach out to strangers, perhaps the grocery bagger, and smile or ask how he/she is. You will feel their joy as you feel your heart open. Don't be fearful of rejection ... step out in courage and if you are rejected, move on with a smile. One step at a time, and you will be a catalyst in changing the world and find true joy.

Steps in awakening to you as social being:

1. Awaken to the spark of divinity that resides in your soul. Feel its love, compassion and peace. You may feel a compelling need to reach out to others to connect to the spark inside of them by just being a friend.

2. Talk to heaven. Call in your angels, spirit guides, passed loved ones and ask them to guide you and to help you to have meaningful conversations with others.

3. Make a commitment to connect to yourself. Spend time in meditation or just talking to yourself about who you are, what you like ... as well as your pain and sadness. Start a journal and watch the real you emerge with power and strength.

4. Join a group where you are able to interact with other people. As you feel more and more comfortable, allow the true you to shine as you are consciously present with those around you.

5. Have fun! Go out and enjoy life.

The many spirits that surround me to bring messages to you didn't always follow these simple rules while living. Because they love you, they want you to gain what living in abundance and happiness means. Break the chain of loneliness and recognize that you are not the only one wanting connection. Put down your cell phone and iPad. Touch someone's arm and feel their energy. In this way, you will connect with others and the Creator. You will feel fulfilled, loved and joy as you bring the same to others.

With much love, Anna ​​


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