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Holidays Gone By

Dear Friends,

Although the holiday season is a time of peace, love and happiness, it is also a time to reflect on the past; the way it used to be, and the memories of sharing those days with those who are now beyond the veil. It is bittersweet.

I remember the hustle and bustle as a child in my house. My father blasted Christmas music as the sweet fragrance of pine filled the house. He would begin making Christmas wreaths the day after Thanksgiving and continue through Christmas Eve. Those days are long gone, as is my father.

I also remember my extended family filling my Aunt Rosie's basement (she didn't use the upstairs dining room !!) and spending all night eating the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. We would tune in to a radio station (an AM radio station !!) and listen to the announcer proclaim where Santa was in flight. I could not contain my excitement as he approached New York. Now, of my aunts and uncles, all but Aunt Rosie have passed on. I remember it well.

The noises and laughter of days gone by sometimes haunt some people. They also cause a smile or two. These memories, as well as the energy of the souls who have passed, live on around us, and in us. They share our new experiences, even though we cannot see them.

Take the time to remember them ... the people, the antics, the traditions. Maybe even shed a tear. But, also make new memories with people you love, and know that those in heaven are all around you enjoying your laughter.

This Thanksgiving, give thanks for not only those present in your life now, but those who helped shape the traditions that you follow, and the person that you are today.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Anna ​​


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