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Inspiration Monday

"You must walk with God, not just talk to him. You must recognize him in all that you do and all that you feel and see. Your actions must be consistent with the love he sends to you. It is not just in receiving the miracles through prayer, but being a conduit of God's love toward yourself and others. Don't be like those who pretend to pray on bended knee, saying words of adoration to God but treating others in horrible ways".

From "Conversations with Mary"



What's Going On?

(please check as we update often)

Join me this Thursday!!! It's not too late to purchase tickets. There will be music and a wine reception to kick off the messages that come from heaven.

April 11, 2019: Event at the Bow Tie Cinema, Greenwich CT

May 16th:  The Hilton Garden Inn,  Staten Island, NY

May 30th:  Event at the Marriott  Hotel in Philadelphia, Pa


The Dr. Oz Show:  

I will up-date you as I know the air dates. There are xix shows that I am in that will be broadcast in the near future.  As of now, I know two dates:  

Friday, April, 12 and May 26. 

Check your local listings for the station on which it will air in your area.

9/19/2019 - 9/22/2019: La Bella Vita,Women's Retreat in Todi, Italy.

Find your beautiful soul as you experience the soul of Italy.

Please go to for full  details.  

Space is limited. 


 Please "like" my page Anna L. Raimondi on Facebook.  It is important that I have a social media presence for all the things I would like to do in 2016.  Appointments can be booked from that page by clicking the scheduling button on the left side of the page.  I am counting on you!!!

As a reminder, I have a cancellation page on Facebook called "Anna Raimondi - Cancellations."  Please sign up for that page if you would like an appointment sooner than your scheduled reading.  

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