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These beautiful wraps are made of 100% silk and made in Wilton, Connecticut.  They are made with love and care exclusively for you.

If you would like to purchase the wrap as a gift, simply let us know the name of the intended recipient.  Anna will meditate and pray for that person as she creates a wrap for that person specifically.  Otherwise, she will meditate for you, using the name your provide.


Soul Blessing Wraps


A soul blessing is a blessing that opens up soul awareness, helps us to feel the divine spark within and enhances our connection to our higher self.

In creating Soul Blessing Wraps, Anna Raimondi meditates specifically on the soul of the future owner.  Anna prays that the wrap will open up and connect the person to the divine energy of their soul.  She chooses colors that are channeled to her during the meditation and then hand paints each silk wrap individually, as the pure colorful energy radiates around her. Each wrap is exclusive and as unique as the soul of the person who choses it.  These beautiful wraps are made of 100% silk and are handmade in Wilton, Connecticut. They are designed and crafted with love and care, exclusively for you.

When you receive your Soul Blessing Wrap, take it out of the beautiful bag and say:

“May I be enveloped in the beauty of my soul as I wear this wrap. Every time it touches my skin, may   I be aware of the beauty of my soul and allow the divine spark within me to radiate in the world.  May  I feel the divine blessings within and around me.  Amen.”

Soul Blessing Wraps $160
Sold Out
plus tax and includes shipping in US

Caring for your wrap:

Hand wash in cold water.
Press with a cool iron on silk setting.

Each piece can be worn as a wrap or scarf.  The dimensions of the wrap are 22x72.  

The cost of the wrap is $160 (excluding tax).  All shipping within the continental United States is free. Wraps may be purchased by check or PayPal. Checks can be made out to Anna Raimondi in the amount of $170.16 - inclusive of tax and sent to Anna Raimondi at  PO Box 553, Georgetown CT 06829

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Since each wrap is made specifically for the owner, we will not be able to honor refunds or exchanges.

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