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Mother Mary Store

In conjunction with my book “Conversations with Mary” (October 2017 Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster), it is my heartfelt wish to bring Mother Mary into the lives of all people. Mary has conveyed to me her wish to enter into the hearts of all people to heal, and to usher in a time of peace on earth. She desires to help us in our unpredictable and chaotic world, as she is the universal Mother of humanity.  

Inspired by Mary’s great desire for peace and love, Carrie Silverstein and I have designed and created beautiful handmade lariat necklaces that can be worn to help remind us of Mary's ever-loving presence. We have named these necklaces the Mother of Peace Lariat, and Mother of Love Lariat, because it is peace and love that she wants to bring to the hearts of all.

Each handmade lariat necklace is unique. The pearls, stones and charms may vary slightly. Pearls were selected because they are a healing gem; stimulating purity, honesty and feminine wisdom. The pearl also represents the womb; the place of creation and new life.  It is the gem of the Mother. Each lariat is hand made and is adorned with a Blessed Mother medal from either Medjugorje or Guadalupe where there have been, and still are, reports of Mary’s appearances.  

As people wear these necklaces, not only will they be open to the loving energy of our Mother of Peace or the Mother of Love, but the healing vibration of the stones will also fill and ground the person wearing it.  

Mother Mary CD
Mother of Joy Necklace
Mother of Peace Lariat
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Mother of Light Bracelet
Mother of Hope Necklace
Mother of Love Lariat
Anna's Books
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Mother of Faith Bracelet
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